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Mads is a very dirty dog!

see, nice update right?
Posted by: OppLy
20:29 16.10.11

Religion something something

This is something that really nails how I look on the origins of religion. The video is taken from BobbysBrain.com and he released it with the following quote: "Now it's come to this like we're back into the dark ages from the middle east to the middle west it's a plague that resists all science...".

You should watch this in fullscreen and in HQ!

It's a really well done video, and I must say it's shows how it is evolved, and you gotta love the ending. For a good quality non-stream version on the movie go to BobbysBrain's Animation Fun Section.
Posted by: OppLy
04:51 17.04.09

Small modification to the page

So, I have added some stuff that makes it easier for me to post on the site + made and ran a script to make the database fit with the new changes. The site is now also fully validated xhtml and css.

I'm still chilling here in Scotland. Kicking back and slacking mostly, drinking beer and being a tad more social.

I must say it's nice when the student building is right next to the school, and they serve a nice collection of beers there from breakfast till late night. Gonna miss that back in Norway.

Here is a little sign outside on of the bars in the student building :)

House Wine
Posted by: OppLy
17:47 16.03.09

In Scotland

So, I'm now in the land of the sheep and men in skirts. No internet at my flat over here, so guess there will be less "geeeking" and more beer, something they make rly nice down here and at a pretty nice price ;)

I'm attending the University off Abertay Dundee as a norwegian exchange student as a part of my international master and will learn stuff from enterprise java (java beans) to some internet hacking (internet security).

This might become a great semester, but will ofc miss some elements from norway...

Scottish Flag
Posted by: OppLy
16:53 16.01.09

Top 14 reasons to date an engineer:

You thought all engineers was wired and gay ey? Well, we are kinda wierd, but proud of it!

Here are the top 14 reasons to date an engineer tho:

14. We are trained to do it right the first time
13. We are used to all nighters
12. We are always willing to experiment
11. We know how to decrease and increase friction
10. We know all about heat transfer
9. We do it with more torque
8. We can wire your circuits
7. Free body diagrams
6. Potential for smart children
5. Engineering couples have better moments
4. We know how to deal with stress and strain
3. We know it's not the length of the vector that counts, but how you apply the force
2. "Lubrication, Friction and Wear" is actually a class
1. The world DOES revolve around us....we pick the coordinate system
Posted by: OppLy
14:00 19.12.08

Master engaged.

Been kinda busy the last 2 weeks, all sorts of parties and events to greet the new students to my school. It's all been rly fun, too bad I'm not rich enough to keep it up in the long run :)

So, besides me being a slacker that is why no updates :). I just bought a new ipod and had a look into itunes 8.0 who is coming out, and it looks pretty good. I rly dig'ed one of the new audio visualizations, check it out here.
Posted by: OppLy
20:23 08.09.08

The bachlor prosject is coming to an end

Been a little while since my last update here. The title basicly says it all, my bachlor prosject is now getting close to the end. The construction phase (RUP). All documentation will be handed in 2nd of June, and we will hold our final presentation at 11th of June, then I will be ready for summer holiday (except if I get a summer job that is :P).

Anyways, will probably update when it's all done. Need to get back to my C# coding now :(
Posted by: OppLy
20:21 15.05.08

Track people down..

So, I was browsing a norwegian paper called VG today and I saw a article about a dude in norway videotaping girls in Oslo and putting it out on youtube under names like "Hot girls in Oslo" ect.

The paper gave out the dudes username on youtube, and I desided to see how hard it would be to track someone like this guy down. After a quick search for "datseir" on google, I got the real dudes name, age ect. From this I looked him up in a online telephone paper and guess what, his place of work is a norwegian christian organisation called "Frelsesarmeen". Can't say it's the 1st time it has been discovered some pigs in there :S

Not gonna publish any names or anything here since this is a police matter, but if you're gonne be a fucking creap like that, you should really try to protect yourself better. I have his adress and telephone number with a click of a button, and I know there is alot ppl out there who rly feel this guy needs to get some backback, I dunno what I would have done if I knew someone who got violated in a way like this.
Posted by: OppLy
14:51 28.04.08

Liberate us from God

Here is a link to a norwegian book program. In this episode they go over some "anti-religion" books, with interviews of some authors and others about this subject. It was very interesting and I agree to alot of what is said here :)

Liberate us from god (in norwegian)

Liberate us from God

Quote from the site:
"Norsk litteraturserie. (8:8) Hva er grunnen til at det kommer så mange bøker som taler Gud midt i mot akkurat nå? Og hva er det forfatterne ønsker? Vi har samlet verdens fremste ateister i sesongens siste program og svaret er: befri oss fra Gud. Programleder: Hans Olav Brenner."
Posted by: OppLy
00:47 10.04.08

BF2 patch link

Link for latest BF2 patch
Posted by: OppLy
13:42 01.04.08

Random Quote

"A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history - with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila."

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